Soil Philippines | Corporate Service Provider of Geotechnical Investigation

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  • Geotechnical investigation and evaluation for any type of soil formation and rock deposits.
  • Sub-grade evaluation by test pits and auger borings.
  • Environmental Soil Sampling and Drilling.

LABORATORY SERVICES (Soil , Construction Materials and By-Products)

Fine and Coarse Aggregates for Concrete

Sieve Analysis, Moisture Content, Specific Gravity and Absorption, Soundness using Sodium sulfate,Unit Weight and Void Determination, brasion Loss, lay lumps and Friable particles, Lightweight Pieces in Aggregates

Soil and Soil Aggregates

Soil Classification, Natural Moisture Content, Sieve Analysis, Atterberg Limits, Specific Gravity and Absorption, alifornia Bearing Ratio (CBR), Moisture Density Relation Test (MDR), Field Density Test (FDT) Concrete samples and by products Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, Moisture Content & Absorption oncrete Core Extraction, Thickness determination, Rebound Hammer Test

Reinforcing Bars (Outsourced)

Tensile Strength and Bending Test of Re-Bars ensile Strength Test of Flat Bars